Sewage Pump Installation and Repair

Sewage Pump

We Offer Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance for Sewer Pumps.

If you have a sewage pump, you understand the importance of it working properly. If the sewage pump breaks down, your entire sewer system will start backing up into your home, creating a health hazard for you and your family, not to mention a great deal of stress. For your broken or malfunctioning pump in Indianapolis, IN call Grateful Plumber at 317-677-4918. We have extensive experience in sewage pump installation, repair, and maintenance.

Need Sewage Pump Repairs?

A problem with your sewage pump could cause sewer back up in your home. Unfortunately, this could also be an indication a drain clog, sewer line clog, sewer line leak or a number of other plumbing problems not connected to your sewage pump. Here are a few other signs that can help you understand if your sewage pump is behind the problem. Whether you sewer problems are caused by a clog or a breakdown in your sewage pump, you still need to call one of our professional plumbers.

Bad odor: If you smell something awful coming through your drains, it could be a problem with the pump.

Strange sounds: Most of the time you won’t even notice your pump is running. So if you start hearing a lot of noise coming from it, it’s a good indicator that something isn’t working right.

Irregular cycle patterns: Your pump is supposed to run at regular intervals as the holding tank fills up. If the pump is starting or stopping too frequently, it isn’t able to expel the sewage properly.

Break the pump is connected trips repeatedly: If your pump blows a break every time the motor turns on, then it is generating too much power and there could be something wrong with the motor.

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If you’re looking for an excellent plumbing company to work on your sewage pump in Indianapolis,IN, call us at 317-677-4918. Our plumbing contractors have the skills and knowledge to determine what has gone wrong with your sewage pump and how to repair it. If it is too far gone and you need a completely new installation, we can help you with that too. Give us a call today to start working with a professional plumber you can trust.