What is the Cheapest Way To Remodel a Bathroom?

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How Can You Save Money On a Bathroom Remodel?

One of the best ways to add value to our home is to improve upon areas that might be outdated. Whether you bought a home that was built in the 90s or in the 60s, you might notice that a lot of rooms are outdated, especially. After the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the rooms which gets the most use. We shower, bathe, get ready for our days, and its most likely the last room we go into besides our bedrooms. The great thing is that we can improve our bathrooms with a little remodeling. While a bathroom remodels might sound like the best option, many people ask the most important question–how much will it cost to remodel my bathroom?

According to Homeadvisor, an average price for a bathroom remodel in 2019 is going to cost $10,272. A lot of people don’t have that kind of money lying around to spend on a bathroom remodel, but they are in desperate need of remodeling their bathroom. After finding out how much bathroom remodeling is going to cost, they might ask, “How can I save money on my bathroom remodel?” There are a lot of ways that you can still remodel your bathroom and not have to pay upwards of $10,000.

  • Instead of replacing the builder made bathroom mirror, you can add a frame around it to give it a facelift.
  • Since tile is very expensive, you can focus on tiling the floor and painting the walls or using beadboard or board and batten.
  • A great way to update the look of the bathroom is upgrading the fixtures.
  • Change the toilet seat and lid to make it look like a brand new toilet.
  • Use an antique dresser to update the vanity in your bathroom.
  • Clean the grout and fix the caulking in your bathroom for a cleaner look.
  • If you want marble or granite countertops for the vanity, consider making little changes and making the countertop the focus of the bathroom.

Is a Bathroom Remodel Worth It?

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, you should never jump in head first. There are so many things to consider, like if bathroom remodeling is really worth it. While we want to add value to our homes, that doesn’t mean that how much money you put into your home is going to equal to the actual value of the home. You can remodel every area of your home but that doesn’t necessarily mean the value is going to go up. This is because when we remodel or renovate something, its usually to our specific tastes–if we end up putting our homes on the market and buyers aren’t liking what they are seeing, they might move onto another home or consider your home if you knock a few thousand dollars off the price.

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Find Out If a Bathroom Remodel is Worth it and If You Should Hire a Professional Contractor.

This isn’t to say that a bathroom remodel isn’t worth it. Sometimes these types of things to increase the value of a home, but most of the time, bathroom remodeling is great when you are looking to stay in your home for the long run. Another thing to consider when you are thinking about remodeling is that you need to remodel based on the neighborhood you are in. If you live in an area with million dollar homes, then remodeling is going to increase the value of your home; if you live in an area where your neighbors aren’t doing much to improve their homes, then you might not want to go all out with remodeling, However, remodeling one room, like a bathroom, isn’t going to hurt you– it’s all going to depend on how much you want to spend.

Can You Remodel a Bathroom Yourself?

If you want to remodel your bathroom or add a completely new bathroom to your home, you need to decide whether or not you or a professional is going to take care of the bathroom remodel or addition. You need to consider that if you are changing the structure of the bathroom, which you usually do with remodeling, you are going to have to move around plumbing pipes, appliances, lighting, and more. If you are able to handle that type of work, then you are going to save a lot of money doing it on your own. But if you can’t, then you need to think about hiring a professional contractor to help you.

Other things that need you should mull over is, is it going to look better if I do it or if a professional does it? Will you love it or hate it if you are the one to remodel the bathroom? When you hire a contractor, they will have the necessary experience, knowledge, and contacts to get you deals as well as ensure everything is completed correctly. Things you could do to save money do your own demolition, paint the walls, and buy your own appliances and fixtures. Instead of thinking, “What is the best color for a bathroom?” or “How much does it cost to replace a tub with a shower?” an expert will be able to answer these questions and help you. You wouldn’t handle emergency roofing in Louisville, KY, so why not leave the remodeling to a professional?

How To Plan a Bathroom Remodel

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Having a Bathroom Remodel Plan Will Make the Process Easier.

Coming up with a plan for your bathroom remodel can be fun and exciting, but it also might be overwhelming. The reason why is because people might not know where to start in regards to planning. In order to make your bathroom remodeling planning less stressful, we have created a plan that will make things a lot less stressful and give you a clear plan on what should happen.

  • Make a Budget: You will need to sit down with your spouse, partner, or roommate and decide how much you are willing to spend on a bathroom remodel.
  • Come Up with Ideas: Start compiling ideas on Pinterest or in a folder on what you want your bathroom to look like.
  • Bathroom Layout and Design: Once you know what your bathroom to look like, create a layout on how you want it to look.
  • Hire a Contractor: To make the remodeling less overwhelming and more smooth, hire a professional contractor that you trust.
  • Buy Your Supplies: You can buy the paint, tile, wood, appliances, and fixtures you want for your bathroom.

When To Remodel Bathroom

Because bathroom remodeling can take a long time, you need to consider when the best time will be. You might not want to remodel your bathroom during major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. You could potentially schedule your remodel to happen during the summer; this would be nice since the weather is great and you could go on vacation during that time. It would be a good feeling going on vacation with an old bathroom and coming back to a bathroom that is completely new. However, when you hire a contractor, they are able to tell you when they think the best time to remodel is. If you want to upgrade other things in your home like installing Tankless water heaters in Indianapolis, IN, call Grateful Plumber at 317-677-4918 for more information.