How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

When winter rolls in, it can cause havoc on your home very quickly. You may be so worried about the heating system working correctly that you forget that your pipes will freeze if you are not careful. There are ways that you can keep this from happening and avoid ending up with a burst pipe in the middle of winter. This can be frustrating and very expensive to fix so it is good to make sure that you are doing these tips mentioned below.

Avoiding Pipe Freeze

Heating – One thing that is really important is that when you leave your house, do not turn your heater off. It doesn’t have to be set high, but if you do find yourself leaving for days at a time or even just to go to work when you know the temperature outside is below freezing, set your thermostat somewhere around 40 instead of turning it off.

Open Cabinets – The main piping in your home can often be found behind your cabinets. If you are leaving your home for several days, make sure you do the above and also open up your cabinets. This will allow the heat to get into them and not allow your pipes to freeze like they could if you keep them closed and not let the air get to them.

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