How To Save Money On Your Water Bills

Ever looked at the water bill and were shocked by how much your family has used that month? No one likes high utility bills. However, there are simple ways to conserve water and save money.

The cost drips can add up over time.

Here are some tips to save money on your water bill:

Appliance Efficiency – New appliances have become more water efficient. If you’ve been using the same toilet for years, every flush could cost up to 7 gallons. A less efficient washer might use nearly 6 gallons per load. One load in older dishwasher could take up to 40 gallons, and washing by hand uses even more.

Faucet Drips – Dripping faucets are annoying and use a lot of water over the course of time. Drips usually happen when something isn’t completely sealing the water. Most of the time, the washer behind the aerator (the filtering screen on the faucet) has cracked, moved, or hardened.

Leaks – Check your meter frequently for water usage. Some leaks aren’t obvious and can be hard to detect. However, they become worse over time causing damage to your house and possessions. A broken pipe or loose connection could cost a large amount water.

Running Toilet – If you hear the toilet continuously running, there might be a problem with the flapper or fill valve that doesn’t allow the reservoir tank to fill up. This can be an easy fix and save you a lot of money in water.

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