Why is my ice maker leaking?

ice cubes against a black background

Why is my ice maker leaking?

With the cost of living increasing every day, we can’t afford to waste water, which is why ice maker line repair is important. A leaking ice maker water line can not only cost you money on your water bill, but the damage it can do over time can get expensive, too. Keeping that in mind, how do you know your ice maker is leaking, and when should you think about getting it repaired?

What kind of damage can a leaking ice maker water line cause? 

Just because a leaking water line is behind the refrigerator and out of sight doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is important to check behind the refrigerator for possible ice maker line repair needs. Even the smallest of leaks will cause damage that will need to be addressed.

From water stains on the wall behind the refrigerator to cracked paint, they create mildew and mold and cause the baseboards to swell. As the ice maker water line slowly leaks, that water runs under the refrigerator, too, damaging the flooring under it. 

What causes an ice maker water line to leak?

Some common causes that lead to ice maker line repairs include: 

  • An ice jam inside the ice maker can cause it to overfill and prevent the arms from rotating fully.
  • The refrigerator is not level.
  • The ice cube fill-cup and valve aren’t aligned.
  • The drain line is clogged.
  • The water supply is cracked or otherwise damaged, causing the leaks.
  • The water line connection is loose.
  • The fill tube in the ice maker is damaged or loose.  

How do you prevent an ice maker water line from leaking?

Before you attempt to repair the ice maker line, you must first determine where the water line is leaking. 

  • Check behind the refrigerator where the water line comes out and that the connection to the fridge is secure. If the water line under the sink is connected and nearby, check the connection there. 
  • If you don’t see any water in those areas, open the ice maker at the front panel and examine for possible water leaks. This kind of ice maker line repair is more common than you think. 
  • If you don’t find any water leaks there, check the drain. Any excess water from the ice maker drains into a drain, and if that line or the drain pan is clogged, it could appear as a leaking ice maker line. 

If you can’t find where an ice maker line repair is needed, call an appliance expert or plumber.

How much is the cost of an ice maker line repair?

The cost of repairing an ice maker line will vary between appliance repair services and plumbers. Some may charge a flat rate, and others may charge by the hour. Either billing method charges an additional fee for any parts needed.

Is a copper or plastic line better for an ice maker?

Copper and plastic are suitable materials for ice maker lines. Plastic would be easier to work with if you’re doing your own ice maker line repairs. However, if you’re having the ice make line repairs done by a professional, they will probably recommend using copper because it is more durable and will have a longer lifespan. 

Are ice maker water line repairs worthwhile?

You can shut the water off to the ice maker, and ice maker line repairs aren’t necessary. But you will lose the convenience of ice being immediately available! So that is a call you need to make for your personal preferences. 

How often does an ice maker water line need to be replaced?

We don’t think about the dishwasher and ice maker water lines daily. Both can have subtle leaks, though, so minimize those unexpected water line leaks. Experts recommend replacing both every five years, whether leaking or not. 

Are ice maker water lines universal?

If you or a plumber find that ice maker line repairs aren’t sufficient and you need to replace the line, they are not universal fitting! Every make and model of ice makers takes a different water line size.

Will homeowner’s insurance cover repairing ice maker lines?

No, homeowner’s insurance policies won’t usually include this. However, if you have a home warranty plan, that will probably cover any ice maker line repair or replacement. You should review your home warranty plan to know what to expect.

In Closing

Similarly to the water heater, you don’t usually think about the ice maker water line until there is a problem. If you suspect or find that your ice maker water line is leaking, even the smallest amount, it is important to get ice maker line repairs or replacement done sooner rather than later. Like any water leak, it starts small and becomes a more significant problem requiring more maintenance costs. Fortunately, by working with a plumbing professional who can help you understand what to expect, you can get the repairs you need and prevent future problems when you get the ice maker water line repair you require.