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Protect Your Plumbing this Christmas

Christmas is coming. If you’re expecting company, your rooms are not the only things that will be invaded; your plumbing will take a hit, too. Protect your plumbing this Christmas season by setting a few ground rules for using things like sinks and toilets. It may not save you in all cases, but it could make things a little easier on your plumbing system.

Go Easy on the Garbage Disposal

Two Boys in Santa Hats Making Xmas Cookies in Kitchen

Protect Your Plumbing this Christmas.

If you’re planning on big family meals, then your sink will probably get hard use. All that food and drink is a risk to your garbage disposal. Take extra care about what you put down the sink and disposal. Only grind softer foods–never bones and eggshells. When in doubt, throw it out with the garbage instead. Never wash foods down the sink, even if they seem liquid enough. Scrape and rinse into the disposal, or put a filter over the sink drain to catch food. Ask your visitors to follow these same rules.

Make Rules for Toilet Use

If lots of people will be using your toilet, there’s no harm in warning them to go easy. Ask that they limit their paper use and make sure there is plenty of room in the bathroom wastebasket for any extra paper. If there will be children, ask parents to be vigilant; you can even post a sign, if necessary. It’s your home, and there is no harm in asking others to help you prevent the need for a plumber.

Hopefully, you will be able to protect your plumbing this Christmas and have great holidays without a plumbing hiccup. If you need plumbing services in Indianapolis, IN, however, call 317-677-4918.