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Professional Drain Cleaning & Its Benefits

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Chemical Cleaners and Plungers Can Prove Totally Ineffective for Sustainable Drain Cleaning.

The drains in your home handle thousands of gallons of water on an annual basis. Of course, water is not the only substance that flows down our drains. Food residue, beverages, oil, hair, soap, and grease also flow down the drains, and their passage will eventually take its toll. The accumulation of these substances will eventually narrow the passageway of your drain pipes, all of which empty into your sewer line. Slow or totally clogged drains represent not only a hassle, but create the potential for harmful obstructions that force wastewater back up your pipes. People who wonder how to clean drains are best served through reaching out to a professional.

At Grateful Plumber, we offer professional drain cleaning service for the benefit of our clientele. We’re big believers in the benefits of modern equipment and technology, advantages that combine with professional skill to elevate our service high above what you’d achieve with store-bought drain cleaners. When you need drain cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 317-677-4918.

Is Drain Cleaner Bad for Your Pipes?

Drain Cleaning

A Chemical Drain Cleaner Will Provide Only Temporary Solutions to a Clog.

Most of the time, clients will attempt to treat a clog themselves before reaching out for professional help. A chemical drain clog remover will rely on harsh chemicals to supposedly dissolve clogs. At best, the cleaner will only punch a hole in the clog, a temporary fix that leaves most of the obstruction present. At the same time, the abrasive nature of a chemical drain clog remover will damage pipes both old and new.

Older pipes will simply begin to deteriorate, a scenario that can lead to an abundance of leaks. In newer, PVC pipes, the heat created through a cleaner’s chemical reactions can actually melt and deform the plastic. Drain cleaners can also harm the environment, as they introduce dangerous chemicals into the sewer system. Drain cleaners are also ineffective cost-wise. Since they represent only a temporary solution, a homeowner will need to continually apply them as the same clogs worsen over and over.

We’re Your Drain Cleaning Solution

A professional drain cleaning service represents the cost-efficient and permanent solution to any clog or obstruction. As experienced plumbers, we can completely remove a clog or obstruction with jetting technology, then confirm its eradication through specialized cameras we insert in the line. You will never have to worry about how to clean drains, a clog worsening, or waste backing up to the extent that sewage bubbles in your drains. When you need drain cleaning in Indianapolis, IN, don’t settle for the over-the-counter solution. Instead call 317-677-4918 for the plumbers at Grateful Plumber.